Thin Coat Render tinting colour consistency, why are batch quantities important?.
Why is batch to batch consistency an issue? What are the pitfalls of ordering little and often? Is ordering small quantities just an added cost? Is ordering more than enough better than just enough? Surely a “British Standard” colour is the same
Rendit Approved Renderers Scheme - What is it for and what are the benefits?.
Our Rendit Approved Renderer scheme is causing a stir in the marketplace and understandably so. The presence of clearly exasperated competitors questioning its very existence on our social media only goes to show the strength of offer! It is an
Benefits of Rendering: Is It Worth It?.
    What Is Rendering? Rendering is the application process of cement, plaster, and silicone renders. Rendering finishes are designed to provide a smooth or textured finish to your preference. The key difference between rendering and plasteri
Introducing Rendit Trade Discount Scheme: What to Expect.
We value our customers above all else. Therefore, we have made the righteous decision to introduce an all-new trade discount scheme tailored to our valued customer-base. Our trade discount accounts are designed to reward our customers with a ran
Case Study: Spray application of K Rend K1 Silicone onto new blockwork..
Today I visited site to help an experienced applicator iron out some minor application issues they were having with the K Rend K1 Silicone product. They were complaining that the material was setting slowly now the temperatures have dropped and
The Great Render PVCu Bead Fixing Debate..
I've not blogged for a while, a combination of idleness and high workload getting our new website and internal systems up and running made me take my eye off the ball but an interesting debate has arisen from our recent invitation to help Alan T
I feel the need for speed!.
After the cold spell temperatures are beginning to rise again above 5 degrees! This has got lots of people asking how does K Rend accelerator work. K Rend Accelerator is a liquid additive used to reduce the waiting time before scraping K R
K Rend Application Guides With Hints and Tips.
K REND BASE COATS Standard UF Base, UF Fibre Base, HP12, HP14, HPX Base Primary coat, where required, should be applied to substrates as preparation for subsequent coats of K Rend scraped texture finishes. Thickness should be as per product spe
Beware of working with renders and treated wood..
The use of timber cladding and elaborate wood detailing in new builds and refurbs seems to be on the increase in a big way. When wood is skillfully used in a contemporary design along with a great looking render such as those by K Rend or Parex
Why choose our 2 year crack free guarantee?.
We've specialised in repairing renders for many years now from the design and development to on-site application of our specially designed patented Mendrend range of products we have been focused on customer service as a core driver of our busin