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Weber Render & Flooring Systems

We are now suppliers of Weber products! Weber silicone render and flooring products offer the complete solution to your project whether you require a facade render coating or a floor screed which is suitable for residential, commercial or industrial projects. Why not buy products like Weber one coat render from RENDIT, the UK's leading stockist of Weber products?

Weber Render Weberpral M 25kg

Weber Render Weberpral M is a through colour monocouche render which can achieve a scraped or roughcast finish – suitable for most types of brick or blockwork.
From £11.35 excl.VAT
£13.62 inc.VAT
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Webermineral TF 20kg

Polymer-modified, mineral render suitable for application in lower temperatures and best suited to rendering in winter.
From £60.77 excl.VAT
£72.92 inc.VAT
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Weberplast TF 15KG

weberplast TF is an acrylic render mix for external walls suitable for harsh or exposed conditions which can be used as textured decorative finish. Thin coat application is suitable for decoration of lightweight backgrounds.
From £50.41 excl.VAT
£60.49 inc.VAT
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Webersil TF 15KG

webersil TF is a textured silicone decorative finish for application onto a prepared surface. The 1.5mm aggregate content provides an even textured finish.
From £71.01 excl.VAT
£85.21 inc.VAT
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Weber Mesh Cloth Standard 50m x 1m Roll

Glass fibre reinforcement mesh for Weber render products. The mesh has an alkaline-resistant impregnation.
£56.63 excl.VAT
£67.96 inc.VAT
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Weber Monocouche Accelerator 20L

Render accelerator solution designed for use with weber coloured render to speed up the time to scrape during colder application periods.
£40.15 excl.VAT
£48.18 inc.VAT
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Weber PR310 10L

General purpose liquid paint primer for preparing substrates prior to the application of many Weber decorative finishes.
£41.84 excl.VAT
£50.21 inc.VAT
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Weber Retardateur Monocouche 20L

Weber retardateur monocouche is a retarder solution for Weber monocouche renders to extend the scrape time.
£60.71 excl.VAT
£72.85 inc.VAT
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Weber Weberend Bead Adhesive 20kg

Weberend bead adhesive has been specifically designed for the rapid fixing of corner beads, drip beads, stop beads and expansion beads in preparation for the application of Weber Render Systems such as Weberpral M, Weberpral D, Weberpral MF and Weberend OCR.
£15.06 excl.VAT
£18.07 inc.VAT
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Weber OCR 25kg

This product is a one coat render weber formulated to be pump or hand-applied. Weber OCR avoids the drying time associated with multi-coat render systems and offers results equivalent to traditional two coat renders.
£7.66 excl.VAT
£9.19 inc.VAT
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Weber Weberend LAC Rapid 20kg

Rapid drying, polymer-modified adhesive render coat which requires no primer before overcoating with a decorative finish, saving up to 72 hours in drying time.
£24.70 excl.VAT
£29.64 inc.VAT
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Weber Rend Aid 25kg

Weber rend aid is a polymer-modified, sand and cement stipple render, used as a preparatory key coat before the application of weber monocouche render. Includes an integral bonding agent so that it requires only the addition of clean water on site.
£18.52 excl.VAT
£22.22 inc.VAT
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