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K Lime Hydraulic Mortars

K Line Natural Hydraulic Lime Mortar is a range of dry bagged mortars that requires only the addition if water and thorough mixing.  The range is made from a blend of Natural Hydraulic Lime, carefully selected white limestone graded sand and other performance enhancing additives, derived from natural sources. The mortars are available in 3 different grades and have been designed for use in sotnemasonry, pointing, brick laying, block laying and as a plaster and render. K Lime simplifies the percieved complexity in the use of lime creating a stress free solution for your project that's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just choose form the 3 different grades below to suit your project.

K Rend Coarse 413 can be used for building coarse stonework or for plastering and dubbing out irregular backgrounds.
£12.51 excl. VAT
K Rend Finishing 112 is designed for pointing, building dressed stone at a nominal joint thickness of 4-6mm. Can also be used internally.
£16.27 excl. VAT
K Rend SB1 is a Natural Hydraulic Lime based preparatory key coat which is used to improve the adhesion of K Lime renders to difficult substrates such as natural stone and brickwork. The product only requires the addition of water and thorough mixing prior to use.
£13.41 excl. VAT
K Rend Setting 213 can be used for pointing, building bricks, blocks, cutstone, and plastering at 8-10mm thickness. Setting 213 can be wood floated ready for painting or even used as bedding for natural stone floor tiles!
£12.51 excl. VAT