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Fassa Bortolo Base Coats

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Alkali-resistant fibreglass reinforcing mesh, 160 g/m².
£54.40 excl. VAT
Cementitious masonry mortar and plaster/render for interiors and exterior render projects.
£6.99 excl. VAT
Bio traditional fibre-reinforced base coat plaster made from pure nano-lime with pozzolanic effect, for interiors and exteriors
£10.09 excl. VAT
Bio lime base coat plaster, with marmorino effect, for interiors and exteriors.
£8.24 excl. VAT
Fassa KI7 is a fibre reinforced lime/cement base coat plaster with water-repellent properties, for exteriors and interiors.
£7.58 excl. VAT
Bio white undercoat for the restoration of damp masonry, for interiors and exteriors. Next day delivery available.
£12.16 excl. VAT
High performance cement undercoat for concrete substrates for exteriors and interiors.
£10.23 excl. VAT
White fibre-reinforced skim coat and smoothing plaster/render for levelling and restoring interior and exterior surfaces, including those that are painted.
£12.79 excl. VAT
Grey, white and extra-white cement-based adhesive.
£15.72 excl. VAT
KC 1 is a dry mortar made from hydrated lime, Portland cement, graded sands and specific additives to improve workability and adhesion
£7.17 excl. VAT
Bonding mortar made of synthetic resins for gypsum based and lime-gypsum based plasters on concrete substrates.
£74.77 excl. VAT
Synthetic resin emulsion for cement-based products.
£89.27 excl. VAT