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Mixing Equipment

Collomix Mixer Clean

The mobile cleaning system “Mixer Clean”
£62.95 excl.VAT £75.54 inc.VAT
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Collomix MK Hexafix Mixing Paddles

Mixing paddles for use with the Xo range of Collomix mixers.
From £14.95 excl.VAT
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Collomix Xo1 Hand Held Mixer

Compact 1-speed machine for a wide range of mixing jobs with a capacity of up to 40 litres. Delivery approx 4-5 days.
From £159.99 excl.VAT
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Collomix Xo4 Hand Held Mixer

Very powerful, 2-speed mixer for universal mixing jobs with excellent ergonomics. Delivery approx 4-5 days.
From £259.95 excl.VAT
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Collomix Xo6 Hand Held Mixer

The 2-speed power pack for the demanding professional and difficult mixing jobs as well as for permanent site use. Usually delivered in 4-5 working days
From £309.95 excl.VAT
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Refina Megamixer MM19 Mixer 1050w

110v Mixer, suitable for render products.
£199.00 excl.VAT £238.80 inc.VAT
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Refina MM22 Megamixer Mixer 1150w

£259.00 excl.VAT £310.80 inc.VAT
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RST Multi Mixer

RST Multi-Mixer; for mixing up concrete and mortar, and suitable for most chuck sizes
From £7.95 excl.VAT
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