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Benefits of Rendering: Is It Worth It?

 Benefits of rendering with rendered bungalow


What Is Rendering?

Rendering is the application process of cement, plaster, and silicone renders. Rendering finishes are designed to provide a smooth or textured finish to your preference. The key difference between rendering and plastering is that rendering is designed for external use, but can also be used internally if desired, plaster is only for internal application.


What Are the Benefits of Rendering?


Damp Protection

Rendering is designed to make your external walls more durable and water repellent. Lime used within the mixture enhances the breathability of your wall, preventing moisture from getting trapped and allowing it to escape from the surface. The waterproof benefits are some of the key benefits of rendering. It helps to protect your walls and floors from dampness and condensation, dramatically reducing the risk of mould and rotting.


Durability & Strength

Rendering also enhances durability due to its strengthening properties, protecting the surface from harsh external elements. The application of base coats before rendering helps to make your walls more flexible, reducing the possibility of cracks. We have our 5-year Crack Free Guarantee in place for that extra peace of mind.

Other materials can be used in the mixing process like silicone to further enhance flexibility, K Rend Silicone K1 is a perfect example of this.


Fire Resistance

Another benefit of rendering is that it can improve the fire-resistance rating of your property. So, if a fire breaks out it can be easier to maintain as the render slows down the time of fire spreading. In the case of a large-scale fire, your chances of being able to retrieve people and belongings from inside are increased.


Desirable Finishes

Rendering is an ultra-modern finish with a wide range of coloured pigments for you to choose from. Meaning that you are more likely to be able to finish your house in the colour you most desire!

A range of effects and finishes can also be achieved by using either a finishing topcoat or a wash coat.


Is It Worth It?

Simply put, YES! When compared to the likes of brickwork and cladding, the benefits of rendering are very desirable.

Although bricks are versatile, eco-friendly, and low maintenance, they have poor insulation properties and are prone to damage.

Cladding is an easy process with less maintenance work required however, in terms of cost it is an expensive option that is difficult to repair and doesn’t look very attractive in this day and age.

Rendering is extremely versatile; it adds an extra layer of insulation and prevents dampness from damaging your walls. Yes, rendering is considered an expensive option however, the benefits and ultra-modern finishes add up to the value of work carried out.


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Why Should You Use Our Approved Rendering Services?

Our approved renderers use only products and tools from our catalogue, and we work closely with them to ensure prices remain as competitive as possible for the best finishes in the game.

All of our approved rendering companies are highly skilled and provide unrivalled finishes. Get all of the benefits of rendering with our highly skilled partners and you’ll also receive the benefits of our 5-Year Crack Free Guarantee.

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you with all areas of work, from design & planning to ensuring only premium products are used in the final application, minimising the risk of potential issues in the future, and allowing your beautiful finish to last.


Where Can I Find Approved Rendering Services?

Providers of our approved rendering services can be found all across the UK and we're finding new partners to join us all the time!

We’ve made the process easy for you, simply visit our approved renderer website, enter a valid postcode, and find the perfect approved rendering services local to you.


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