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Fassa Bortolo Thin Coat Renders

Discover our Fassa Bortolo thin coat render range.

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Fassa FX526 Primer 14L

Universal pigmented primer undercoat. It is used on lime and lime-cement finish coat and skim coat plasters and renders before applying water-based coatings, such as RAR 256, RTA 549, RSR 421, RX 561, FASSIL R 336, and water-based paints.
£55.32 excl.VAT
£66.38 inc.VAT
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Fassa RX561 Siloxane Top Coat 1.5mm 25kg

RX 561 is a finish coat putty made from acrylic copolymers, special polysiloxanes in aqueous emulsion, graded aggregate, titanium dioxide and specific additives to improve workability and adhesion.
£49.98 excl.VAT
£59.98 inc.VAT
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Fassa RTA549 Acrylic Top Coat 1.0mm 25kg

Acrylic coating suitable for heat-insulated surfaces.
£44.88 excl.VAT
£53.86 inc.VAT
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Fassanet 160 Reinforcing Mesh 50m2

Alkali-resistant fibreglass reinforcing mesh, 160 g/m².
£49.06 excl.VAT
£58.87 inc.VAT
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