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Fissures in Render and How to Fix Them.
As we have written about before, large cracks in render can be an indication of a major problem in the substrate. However, smaller and much less serious fissures can also appear. These fissures tend to be a lot smaller than cracks (around 0.1-3m
Why You Should Always Provide a Customer Test Panel.
One thing some applicators are better at than others is providing their customers with sample test panels of a finished render product as it can cause big problems with customers who are expecting their render to look exactly like it does in t
Applying Render in Adverse Weather Conditions.
Most render systems are best applied in optimal weather conditions – ideally between 5oC and 35oC, with no rain, wind or snow. However, some projects may have to be undertaken in less-than-ideal conditions either due to time or budget cons
“Do we really need to two pass with monocouche scraped renders?”.
Do we really need to two pass the application of monocouche scraped renders and use a serrated edge? This is a question most applicators will furiously debate. The answer to this question I think depends on whether you ever have any of the below
The Curse of the "Halo Ring.".
What is a "Halo Ring?" It's a renderers nightmare that's what it is!  Halo rings in render are formed during the scraping process when an applicator unwittingly scrapes through the finish coat to the much harder base coat or first pass res
Choosing the right render.
There are many factors to take into account when selecting a render. From the type of building to weather conditions, it is important that the the correct type of render is chosen. Between aesthetics and functionality, there is a vast range of d
Are Modern Renders "Non Maintenance?".
I regularly hear people proclaim that their monocouche or through coloured scraped renders are "non maintenance," when they speak to me and they are a little flabbergasted that they are getting told that their render needs cleaning. This is a co
K Rend Silicone K1 Review.
I don't normally do reviews as applicators tend to like what they like but I felt the need to write a bit about the new K Rend Silicone K1 because I rarely get such good feedback from my customers from a product as I have over the past few month
Next or Same Day Scrapes?.
Its that time of year when we regularly get asked "do we scrape same or next day?" In all honesty its a tough question as all render have slightly differing setting attributes. I understand the eagerness to move to same day scrapes but its not
Repairing Cracks in Render.
Applying render to the exterior of a building is an attractive way to improve its appearance. A number of modern renders go even further and can be used as a method of further insulating a building. However, there are several problems that can o