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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

**Shipping Status Update 21/04/22**



Fuel prices are currently at unprecedented levels and all of the UKs hauliers are now introducing additional fuel surcharges to the cost of consignments sent with them. Our delivery prices are temporarily being adjusted each week to reflect this.

As you may have seen reported in the news, the UKs driver shortage is now affecting the transport of good all across the country. These delivery issues are as acute as they have ever been during the COVID pandemic. Drivers are being offered £1000s in the form of a sign on bonus to leave their current place of employment immediately to go to work for one of the larger operators. This unprecedented situation is causing huge issues with hauliers as they simply do not know with any confidence how many drivers they will have reporting to work each day. It's making transport planning extremely difficult.

With this in mind, we need to be honest with all customers, our service levels throughout our business have dropped and they are dropping. Current delivery on time success rate with all of the UK courier networks is around 85-90%. This is very poor by normal standards as our normal delivery on time rate is 96-98%. Unfortunately, for now, there is very little we can do to improve it as all of the UKs businesses struggle to operate under in the current economic climate.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to customers caught up in the chaos of the last few months. It's not something a business that prides itself on service likes to have to deal with. 

Shipping FAQs

Q.) What does it mean when the stock status of an item is showing as "Not in Stock. (Order today, ETA XX Days.)?"

Popular items may sell out quickly and temporarily be on back order with our suppliers. Some items on the website we simply do not stock at all! This  means that the items are currently out of stock but that there are shipments on their way to re-stock our warehouses or stock will be ordered as customer orders are received. Back ordering an item is a worry-free way to ensure that you will be first in line for the new inventory and that the items which you ordered will be sent out to you as soon as we receive it!

  • Items you order in addition to the back ordered item(s) will be held back.
  • The back ordered and held back items in any order will automatically ship out as soon as we receive the item(s) in the order which they were placed.
  • You will be notified via a shipment confirmation email (and a tracking number) once your back ordered items have shipped. You will not need to contact customer support, or do anything to follow up on the pre-ordered item. We will take care of it for you from here on out!
  • We will do our best to estimate when back ordered items are expected to ship, and post this information on your emailed order confirmation. This is only an estimation, subject to change, and shipping dates are not guaranteed.

Q.) Does everything on the website have next day delivery available?

A.)  For items to be delivered next day they must be showing as enough quantities of all the required items in stock at time of order. Items that are showing to be "Not in stock. (Order today, ETA XX Days.)" or those that do not have enough available quantities to fulfil your order will be back ordered from the manufacturer and delivered the day after they arrive into stock if the next day delivery option is selected. Most products do show accurate manufacturer back order lead times in their product description, be sure to check those! We will not part deliver orders without prior agreement or until all pre-ordered items are in stock.

We also have an economy 3 day shipping option which follows the same principles as above.

Q.) Will all my items be delivered at once?

A.) This depends on what you order. A standard pallet size is strictly 1.2m x 1.0m for third party pallet couriers so if you order palletised items such as bags of render or large liquid drums along with long items that cannot fit within the constraints of the pallet such as beads that are 2.5m long then we will send them seperately with a specialised courier. It should not be expected that these deliveries will be at the same time in this case.

The only  exception to this is if you live within a 100 mile radius of Doncaster and we decide to schedule your delivery on our own lorries. If this is the case then everything will be delivered together. 

Q.) Do you deliver on weekends?

A.) No, we are closed on a weekends and bank holidays. Online orders placed during this time will not be processed for dispatch until the next working day.

Q.) It's 5pm, if I order a next day delivery will it come tomorrow?

A.) Our cutoff for same day dispatch of orders is currently 11am, orders placed after this time will not be processed for dispatch until the next working day.

Q.) I need the delivery putting round the back of my house, the delivery driver will do as I ask, right?

A.) It is impossible for any company in the UK who is offering a heavyside delivery service to get insurance for any part of their vehicle or equipment to enter privately owned property. With this in mind, all UK heavyside deliveries when following the letter of the law are officially kerbside delivery only regardless of what offloading equipment is available to the driver. (Pallet Movers, Hiab Cranes, or Moffet Forklifts.) It does not matter what the method of offload is, the rules around insurance and H&S are the same.

Saying that, whilst not obliged to, most drivers when met with a friendly face and a bit of help will do their best to leave the pallets somewhere a bit more convenient than the roadside. This needs to be understood that it's entirely at their discretion as their job is at stake for any decisions they make. 

Q.) Can I refuse delivery?

A.) If the items being delivered are perishable, (Anything with a manufacturer described use by date. It can be safely assumed anything we supply that is packaged in a bag or a bottle is perishable.) these are not covered by Consumer Contract Regulations and therefore any cost of bringing the refused delivery back to us along with a restocking fee of around 10% will be deducted from any refund. We advise that if you need to cancel an order of perishable items please do so before goods are dispatched and we will be happy to do so with a full refund, no questions asked. Items that aren't perishable can be refused as normal but if you could cancel before dispatching your order this would be helpful for us.

Q.) If I don't use any of the render I've ordered will you pick it up for a refund?

Unfortunately, all render products (As well as plasters, cements, etc.) have a use by date and deteriorate if incorrectly stored so they are classed as a perishable product. We are unable to accept returns of any of these type of products as we cannot guarantee the quality of returned product for the next customer and there's lots at stake! This is standard policy across most UK builders merchants and is specifically covered under UK legislation. Any items on the website that are supplied in either bagged or bottled packaging should be considered perishable. Please read the Terms & Conditions for full information. We have no problems taking returns any another of the non perishable products we sell, such as tools, etc, provided they are unused.

Q.) Where are your terms and conditions?

 A.) Our terms and conditions can be found at this link:

We would love it if you could read them because even though this link is available on every page of our website, no one ever seems to and our sales team have to answer a lot of customer questions that are covered by this page.

Standard Shipping

All non stocked K Rend, Parex, Weber, Ecorend and Fassa factory render orders are usually delivered 3-8 working days after ordering into our depot and will then be despatched from our depot onto the customer unless otherwise stated. The goods will be delivered on up to 40 bag pallets (1000kg max.) and a tail lift will be provided. We will try to provide an accurate as possible delivery time, and you must be available to take delivery as redelivery charges will apply, if you are unsure please contact us. Orders for tools and accessories will be delivered via parcel carrier where a signature will be required. Please provide your telephone number as we will not ship any orders until we have contacted you to discuss offloading requirements, if we are unable to contact you we will refund the order. We advise that render works are not booked to commence until after the delivery is received and checked by you. Rendit does not take any responsibility for any costs where unforeseen delivery issues may cause your delivery to be delayed due to this recommendation. Shipping is only available for deliveries in the UK mainland (excluding Scottish highlands and islands) for deliveries outside this area please contact us.

Next Day / 48 Hour Economy Deliveries

We have a limited range of renders in stock available for next day or 48 hour economy shipping, this will only apply to renders ordered from our website where sufficient stock was displayed at the point of ordering. ORDERS PLACED AFTER 11AM WILL NOT BE PROCESSED FOR DISPATCH UNTIL THE NEXT WORKING DAY. Also, as a further note, orders placed on a weekend will be shipped the next working day as per the shipping option selected. K Rend and Parex shipping pricing is calculated on a weight basis at checkout. If you require a pre 12am delivery please ensure to select the option in your basket before proceeding to checkout. Only items that show to be in stock qualify for next day delivery please ensure all items in your basket are ordered from stock before proceeding to checkout if you need a next day service. Re-delivery charges will apply if there is no-one available to receive and sign for the delivery. We advise that render works are not booked to commence until after the delivery is received and checked by you. Rendit does not take any responsibility for any costs where unforeseen delivery issues may cause your delivery to be delayed due to this recommendation. Next day / 48 hour economy shipping is only available for deliveries in the UK mainland. (Excludes Scottish highlands and UK islands.) 


Private Customers: We will be happy to accept cancellations as per Consumer Contracts Regulations but responsibility for any return shipping costs will be with the customer. We can only accept returns provided that the goods are kept in reasonable condition. To protect other customers we cannot accept returns of goods that are perishable or have a use by date. Pallets are sealed in clear plastic to enable inspection of the goods by the customer. It should be noted that due to the weight and bulk of renders return shipping can be expensive so it would be advisible to avoid returns if at all possible. We will contact you before shipping your order (We won't ship until we contact you.) and we will be happy to refund any incorrect/unwanted orders at this point.

Business Customers: We are unable to accept returns of any kind for business orders but we won't ship the order until we have contacted you and we would be happy to refund any unwanted/incorrect orders before shipping.

Damaged / Missing / Incorrect Items

Where possible, please check all deliveries for damaged or missing / incorrect items and report them to the delivery driver and contact us as soon as possible. Bags which contain renders are not airtight so any small rips or tears in the fragile paper skin of the bags does not diminish the product as long as the contents are still contained within them. If we are given enough notice we will aim to have any replacements needed on site by midday the next working next day if possible. Our pickers take pictures of all orders before they leave us and our lorry loading bays are covered by CCTV from all angles so we can usually spot if we have made any errors by checking our internal systems. Thankfully issues are rare but still, we're only human!