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Ecorend Complementary Products

Ecorend M160 Reinforcing Mesh 50m2

Used to give additional strength to thin coat renders and wherever two materials with different expansion coefficients meet.
£55.55 excl.VAT £66.66 inc.VAT
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Ecorend S10 Bonding Primer

Ecorend S10 Bonding Primer is a silicone resin based primer, specifically designed for use on masonry substrates. The fine particle size polymers within the product ensure deep penetration into the substrate, creating ultra high adhesion, whilst the silicone resin ensures that the primer matches the breathability of its subsequent topcoats. Coverage: Approx. 125m² per 25 Litres
From £21.11 excl.VAT
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Ecorend TRX Nano Coat 25L

A cutting edge waterproofing anti-bacterial nano liquid, which offers unique ultra-high waterproofing properties and anti-bacterial protection.
£153.40 excl.VAT £184.08 inc.VAT
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Ecorend XR1 Fungicidal Wash 25L

A powerful water based masonry wash containing carefully selected biocides effective against a broad range of bacterial, algal, fungal and mould species. Pack Size: 25 Litres. Coverage: Approx. 3m² per Litre
£50.73 excl.VAT £60.88 inc.VAT
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