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Fassa Bortolo Render Systems

Fassa Bortolo is a historic name in the world of building, Italian leader and one of the world’s best known companies. Care paid to quality and raw materials, research, innovation and the environment have always been at the basis of the company’s vision, expressed through continuous commitment to the development of state-of-the-art solutions for the evolution of building.

The vast range of products is presented as an Integrated System that meets all of the industry’s needs and adapts to any type of application, from small building work to large construction sites.
Always in keeping with market evolutions, Fassa Bortolo offer a range of products from mortars to premixed plasters, from paints to products for laying coverings and solutions for restorationrenovation and thermal insulation. Together with these are bio-architecture products, the complete Gypsotech® line of plasterboards and accessories, and the Sfide d’arte® decorative line, latest in the Fassa range.

Fassanet 160 Reinforcing Mesh 50m2

Alkali-resistant fibreglass reinforcing mesh, 160 g/m².
£49.06 excl.VAT
£58.87 inc.VAT
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Fassa MS20 One Coat Render Mix 25kg

Cementitious masonry mortar and plaster/render for interiors and exterior render projects.
£5.94 excl.VAT
£7.13 inc.VAT
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Fassacouche Render 25kg

Semi-lightweight through coloured fassacouche render for protecting and decorating facades.
From £8.98 excl.VAT
£10.78 inc.VAT
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Fassa KI7 Base Coat 25kg

Fibre reinforced lime/cement base coat plaster with water-repellent properties, for exteriors and interiors.
£6.48 excl.VAT
£7.78 inc.VAT
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Fassa K-Over Plus 3.30 25kg

White fibre-reinforced skim coat and smoothing plaster/render for levelling and restoring interior and exterior surfaces, including those that are painted.
£10.98 excl.VAT
£13.18 inc.VAT
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Fassa SP22 Bonding Mortar 30kg

High performance cement undercoat for concrete substrates for exteriors and interiors.
£9.38 excl.VAT
£11.26 inc.VAT
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Fassa S650 Undercoat 25kg

Bio white undercoat for the restoration of damp masonry, for interiors and exteriors. Next day delivery available.
£10.98 excl.VAT
£13.18 inc.VAT
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Fassa A96 Base Coat 25kg

Grey, white and extra-white cement-based adhesive.
£13.84 excl.VAT
£16.61 inc.VAT
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Fassa AG15 Resin 20kg

Synthetic resin emulsion for cement-based products.
£83.54 excl.VAT
£100.25 inc.VAT
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Fassa IS510 Siloxane Water Repellent 5L

IS 510 is used to provide greater water repellency when treating substrates such as facing brick, small concrete structures and stone.
£46.96 excl.VAT
£56.35 inc.VAT
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Fassa Pac 272 Bonding Aid 25kg

Bonding mortar made of synthetic resins for gypsum based and lime-gypsum based plasters on concrete substrates.
£65.78 excl.VAT
£78.94 inc.VAT
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Fassa FX526 Primer 14L

Universal pigmented primer undercoat. It is used on lime and lime-cement finish coat and skim coat plasters and renders before applying water-based coatings, such as RAR 256, RTA 549, RSR 421, RX 561, FASSIL R 336, and water-based paints.
£55.32 excl.VAT
£66.38 inc.VAT
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Fassa RTA549 Acrylic Top Coat 1.0mm 25kg

Acrylic coating suitable for heat-insulated surfaces.
£44.88 excl.VAT
£53.86 inc.VAT
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Fassa RX561 Siloxane Top Coat 1.5mm 25kg

RX 561 is a finish coat putty made from acrylic copolymers, special polysiloxanes in aqueous emulsion, graded aggregate, titanium dioxide and specific additives to improve workability and adhesion.
£49.98 excl.VAT
£59.98 inc.VAT
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