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Sika Parex Render Systems

All Parex render systems are supplied ready-to-use and have a long-lasting, durable appearance while adding comfort, style, and creativity to every facade. Commitment to quality is the backbone of the company ethos, therefore Parex employ a philosophy of continuous improvement which ensures they are always offering true customer satisfaction with the quality of their products.

A pink coloured liquid with a high granular consistency for ease of application recognition, and to provide excellent bonding characteristics. MICRO GOBETIS 3000 is designed to control suction to high absorption or low porosity substrates and improves the adhesion for one coat render systems e.g. MONOREX GM* & MONOREX GF*, MONOBLANCO*, BLANC DU LITTORAL* etc, and the PAREXTHERM and PAREXDIRECT Render Systems. * Refer to the specific product data sheets.
£48.90 excl. VAT
One-coat weather resistant grey render for internal and external walls. Suitable as a grey coat finishing render or as a base coat for receiving a decorative finish. e.g. MONOREX GM & GF, MONOBLANCO, & REVLANE.
£10.05 excl. VAT
A grey base coat/finishing coat and preparatory key coat render for variable and / or high or low suction substrates.
£10.35 excl. VAT
SikaWall-1015 Adhesive Coat is a EWI adhesive coat which contains the optimal amount of polymer needed to adhere to insulation boards. This product has been specifically designed to receive Sika approved glass fibre reinforcing mesh. This product only requires the addition of clean potable water no other material should be added.
£10.48 excl. VAT
A restoration and bonding mortar for the renovation of old hydraulic cement or lime based renders, sound or cracked but not delaminated, including render or masonry that has been painted or has received a thick textured coating system. Only the addition of clean water on site is required. Designed to create a new base coat render suitable for taking a range of decorative finishes including: Decorative coatings, decorative top coat renders and finishes.
£16.27 excl. VAT
Parex Monorex GM is a one coat waterproof render for external walls, designed to be weather resistant and breathable. It comes in 48 standard colours, and can be scraped to a variety of textures, giving you the freedom of choice when it comes to the appearance of your render.

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From £10.68 excl. VAT
Bright white one coat render. Stocked for next day delivery. Click "More Details" to see current stock levels. New smaller bag size for easier and safer handling on site.
£11.24 excl. VAT
A glass fibre mesh fabric combined with specially designed surface treatments that can be used in a wide range of Parex® cement and lime render applications. For ease of identification the TV10 mesh is coloured green and has the Parex® logo throughout the mesh. The TV10 mesh offers an effective, customised solution for the prevention of cracks that may form in render or reinforced layers of external masonry facades which are induced by construction techniques, construction materials or temperature changes. It can also be used for a wide range of repair applications. A high quality synthetic coating on the glass yarn protects the mesh against alkaline influences from the renders and base coat materials that are used.
£74.90 excl. VAT
A green coloured glass fibre mesh fabric combined with specially designed surface treatments that can be used in a wide range of PAREXTHERM and PAREXDIRECT render applications. For ease of identification the 355 AVU mesh is coloured green and has the ‘PAREX’ name and logo throughout the mesh.
£79.90 excl. VAT
Parex Render Bead Adhesive is based on new technology making it the first hybrid polymer grab adhesive especially created for the installation of external render beads, uniquely packed in a plastic 350ml cartridge.
£3.69 excl. VAT