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Rendit Approved Renderers Scheme - What is it for and what are the benefits?

Our Rendit Approved Renderer scheme is causing a stir in the marketplace and understandably so. The presence of clearly exasperated competitors questioning its very existence on our social media only goes to show the strength of offer! It is an unusual offering that offers tangible benefits to all involved including us as a supplier, applicators, manufacturers and customers!

So, why and how does it exist?

Rendit was formed as a company in 1994 and for a lot of years only specialised in the formulation and application of the Mendrend Render Repair system to help applicators and end users repair common issues that occur day to day. These issues are generally very tricky to correct and the next 20 years or so were spent perfecting the art of render repair through constant advancements in product design which eventually became perfected and patented. Our company operations for a lot of years were extremely limited and small in scale but with regards the Rendit Approved Renderers scheme were especially important as we developed a level of expertise few have been able to replicate. As we all know experience can only be earned, never taken!

Around 6-7 years ago Rendit moved heavily into the supply of render systems as well as still specialising in technical repairs of the same systems. In hindsight this was a natural progression as being able to offer a high level of technical support and expertise in all aspects of the rendering process is something we feel that is missing from the marketplace. The relationship between supplier, manufacturer and applicator can be fractured with regards customer support and the service available so it is handy to be able to bring it all together in one coherent and seamless package with multiple manufacturers, which hopefully a lot of our customers appreciate.

The Rendit Approved Applicators scheme is designed to further unify the relationship between customer, supplier, applicator and manufacturer as we look to tie the expertise of all involved together. Expert applicators can now utilise the expertise of manufacturers along with our own experience in solving the day-to-day problems that can occur. Our own 5 Year Crack Free Guarantee closes the door on the last but common problem faced day to day by applicators where generally there has traditionally been little protection afforded by manufacturer warranties due to the nature of the issue.

As a Rendit Approved Renderer you can obtain benefits not available at your average supplier, these include:

1. Free Google marketing on one of the industries busiest websites, customers can search by postcode and automatically be put in touch with their nearest Rendit Approved Renderer. Our marketing teams are currently tasked with maximising enquiries for applicators through the scheme. These will not just be any enquiries as we are looking for customers who want quality workmanship with the backup of warranties. 

2. Free site surveys where our team will liaise with manufacturers to obtain the most suitable warrantied specifications from multiple BBA tested manufacturers for you and your customers.

3. A free 5 Year Crack Guarantee which will be provided by Rendit in addition to your Manufacturer warranty. We would strongly advise everyone reads the information on this here as it is truely an exceptional offering: Crack Free Guarantee | RENDIT 

4. Priority access to on-site support teams with a level of expertise simply not available anywhere else to help to take the hassle out of day-to-day problems that may occur.

The beauty of the scheme is that we do not even want you to change your existing supplier, (Although it would be nice!) become Rendit Approved and just work with us with any enquiries you receive through the scheme and we think that you could be surprised!

If you want to become Rendit Approved visit our website and apply here: The Home of Approved Render Companies | Rendit



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