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Ecorend Base Coats for Medium Density Block

Ecorend base coats recommended for use on medium density blockwork. The application of a base coat before the application of a Ecorend scraped texture render on this specific substrate is not required although some applicators find applying a base coat does improve workability of the system due to working with thinner layers.

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Ecorend BA3 Fast Set Bead Adhesive is a highly polymer modified product that provides excellent adhesion and instant grab for bedding of render profile beads onto masonary substrates. The products can be applied in low temperatures by hand to set plastic and stainless steel render beads prior to render application. Coverage: Approx. 80lm per pack.
£16.49 excl. VAT
For all types of old and new block and brick. G10 Multi-Surface Primer is specifically developed using fine particle polymers for ultra-high adhesion.
£59.90 excl. VAT
Ecorend K11 Key Coat Primer is a cement based primer, specifically designed for use on difficult substrates to provide a key prior to the application of a cement basecoat or through coloured render. Requiring just one coat, the primer can be applied by trowel or by brush. Coverage: Approx. 1.7kg per mm / per m2
£15.94 excl. VAT
Used to give additional strength to thin coat renders and wherever two materials with different expansion coefficients meet.
£64.90 excl. VAT
Ecorend OCR One Coat Base is a cement based, water repellent versatile basecoat that can be used as a scratch basecoat ready to receive a through coloured render, or as a flat finish ready to receive a thin coat render. The product can be applied in low temperatures by hand or spray and finished with a brush or sponge float. Coverage: Approx. 1.6kg per mm / per m2
£10.44 excl. VAT
Ecorend S10 Bonding Primer is a silicone resin based primer, specifically designed for use on masonry substrates. The fine particle size polymers within the product ensure deep penetration into the substrate, creating ultra high adhesion, whilst the silicone resin ensures that the primer matches the breathability of its subsequent topcoats. Coverage: Approx. 125m² per 25 Litres

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Ecorend W2 Waterproofing Bonding Coat is a technologically advanced 2-part styrene acrylic copolymer and cement-based primer system. Specifically designed for use on masonry and concrete substrates to provide a highly waterproof barrier and flexible key prior to the application of a cement base coat, in preparation for through coloured render or ecorend QR1 Quartz Render.
£62.90 excl. VAT
EcoRend X32 One Coat Base is a cement based basecoat that has been highly polymer modified in order to offer improved adhesion, waterproofing and breathability. Coverage: Approx. 1.7kg per mm / per m²
£13.25 excl. VAT