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Render: What is it?

Render: What is it?

What is Render?

Rendering is the process of applying one coat or several coats of cement on external wall

s, giving a whole new appearance and potential to your building.

Typically made up of cement, sand, and lime, render can be applied to a range of substrates, and protects a building from natural elements such as rain, while allowing the building to breathe and shift, as necessary.

There are a range of different types of render, and the performance of each varies based on the substrate it is applied to, and the condition of the building beneath it. Ultimately, render can be used on most buildings, and can give it a very modern aesthetic, while protecting from weather and improving the fire safety rating of the building!

The main purpose of rendering is to improve the appearance of the building, but it has a variety of benefits that encourage people to render their homes and properties.

Benefits of render:

Render is durable, allowing a water –repellent finish, protecting the building from attack by the weather, be that sun, wind, rain, snow, and even damp patches inside the building.

Despite being durable, render is flexible, allowing the building to breathe beneath it while it protects from outside elements. This is important, as a building often shifts, and the render allows that without cracks or fissures occurring.

While it is possible that cracks may occur, a particularly good thing about render is that it can be repaired. Rendit offer Mendrend, which allows your renderer to fill these cracks, reverting your render back to its original glory.

Render offers a long lasting, permanent aesthetic to your home, and with a range of through-coloured renders to choose from, you never need to pick up the paintbrush to give your home that perfect colour you desire. Render keeps your home looking better for longer!


Common Render Questions:

There are so many renders, which do I choose?

It can be hard to choose which render will be best for your home. Rendit explains the different types of renders here. Alternatively, you can take a look at our Approved Renderers site, where you can find a renderer near you, and they will be able to consult and give you a quote.

What is the difference between Rendering and Plastering?

Rendering and plastering are often performed using similar products and techniques, however the term rendering applies to the use of these materials on exterior walls, whereas plastering refers to the use of these materials on interior walls.

What colour does render come in?

It comes in a range of colours, depending on your chosen brand. Often colours can range from anywhere between 10 variations and 48 variations, giving you the freedom to choose.

How long will render last?

Render, when applied correctly, should last for twenty to thirty years, if not for the lifetime of the building. Regular cleaning and fixing cracks can help extend this time.

Can I DIY this?

For a professional finish, the best thing to do is to hire a professional renderer. This way you can have a worry-free experience, and over the years, the render will pay for itself in preservation of your home, and savings on heating, given the insulation it offers. Find an Approved Renderer here.

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