Crack free guarantee

All properties in the UK new or old are subject to a small risk of settlement which in turn may cause building movement and settlement cracking.
The risk of settlement is higher in new build properties or older properties which have just undergone any major refurbishment works which adds any further weight to the property. The building industry currently classifies this issue as a naturally occuring phenomenon and is therefore not currently covered under the standard warranties of any coatings manufacturers. To combat this we will complete no quibble localised repairs to K rend or Parex render systems exhibiting normal movement stress cracking FOC for a period of two years on any site where we have supplied them. This service is exclusive to Rendit and is not available with other suppliers! We simply ask that if the site starts to exhibit signs of settlement cracking in the render that the site should be monitored for a period of 6 months and all issues evident across the site will be attended in a block booking after that point. The cost of labour and materials is fully included but we do not cover the cost of access equipment hire if needed.

Priority access to our technicians


Low cost maintenance and accident repairs

  • Our Crack Free Guarantee all extends to accidents causing issues with newly applied renders as well!  

  • We normally charge £16.99 + VAT per m2  (Minimum day charge of £495.00 + VAT for the small jobs) to fully refurbish entire walls

  • This price will be lowered to £8.00 per m2 for sites we have supplied renders to for a period of 2 years. (Minimum day charge of £250.00 if the job is only small.)

  • This price does not include access requirement or travel costs.