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Complete Render Systems With 2 Year Crack Free Guarantee!

Complete Render Systems With 2 Year Crack Free Guarantee!

All properties in the UK new or old are subject to a small risk of settlement which in turn may cause building movement and settlement cracking.
The risk of settlement is higher in new build properties or older properties which have just undergone any major refurbishment works which adds any further weight to the property. The building industry currently classifies this issue as a naturally occuring phenomenon and is therefore not currently covered under the standard warranties of any coatings manufacturers. To combat this we will complete no quibble localised repairs to K rend, Parex Fassa Bortolo or Ecorend render systems exhibiting normal movement stress cracking FOC for a period of two years on any site where we have supplied them. This service is exclusive to Rendit and is not available with other suppliers! We simply ask that if the site starts to exhibit signs of settlement cracking in the render that the site should be monitored for a period of 6 months and all issues evident across the site will be attended in a block booking after that point. The cost of labour, materials and travel to site is fully included but we do not cover the cost of access equipment hire if needed.

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 Low cost maintenance and accident repairs

  • Our Crack Free Guarantee all extends to accidents causing issues with newly applied renders as well!  

  • We normally charge £16.99 + VAT per m2  (Minimum day charge of £495.00 + VAT for the small jobs) to fully refurbish entire walls that have been accident damaged or have other staining or dis-coloration issues. This price will be lowered to £8.00 per m2 for sites we have supplied renders to for a period of 2 years. (Minimum day charge of £250.00 if the job is only small.)

  • This price does not include access requirement or travel costs for repairs to accidental damage.


1. What's the catch?

If you buy your render system from us in its entirety there isn't one! We will complete localised repairs to normal settlement cracking that occurs in render systems we have supplied for 2 years after the delivery date with no quibbles! It should be noted that its often wrongly assumed that the manufacturers of external coatings cover you for cracking in their own warranties but this isn't the case as the source of settlement cracking does not occur in their coating but in the substrate of the property its applied to instead. You absolutely are not covered by them on this basis, if they say you are ask for it in writing!

2. How can Rendit offer this when no one else does?

Rendit has developed Mendrend, our own fully authorised and patented render repair system which we have been using daily for over 30 years! We are good at this if we do say so ourselves!

3. Does this make Rendits prices expensive?

We constantly monitor prices across the UK and we are confident that you should find our prices more than competitive, especially when you look at the full picture including any delivery costs. We don't aim to be the cheapest, we leave that to the suppliers who have no idea what they are selling or how to help you if you have problems. Our 2 Year Crack Free Guarantee simply cannot be beaten!

4. How do I qualify for this guarantee?

It's simple, buy your full render system from us and you are automatically covered for 2 years! Clients who have this cover in place include large housebuilders such as Persimmon and Taylor Wimpey, main contractors, sub contractors, private contractors and the end user. It doesn't matter who pays we cover the system! We ensure we only supply components that are of the highest quality, even our PVC beads are BBA tested and approved to 30 years!

5. What is a settlement crack and who's to blame for them happening?

Settlement cracks are very easy to identify, they tend to be 0.5 - 3mm in width and follow a straight line either between openings or along the full length or breadth of a wall. These minor cracks always occur through the underlying building substrate which in turn cracks the decorative render coating. It's not unusual for the render system or even the poor render applicator to be blamed for the appearance of settlement cracking, this is completely incorrect but still happens due to widespread ignorance of the causes of the issue. Renders do vary in overall strength so they may push an already stressed wall which is already full of settlement forces to its limit when applied but ultimately the building substrate is where the structural strength comes from, not the render. Settlement cracks are also not a sign of building weakness, they merely indicate that the distribution of energy around the building means that it just needs to shift slightly to a more natural position and modern building design absolutely expects this to happen. When you consider all these factors it becomes apparent that providing corners haven't been cut in a buildings design and build that means building standards haven't been followed there is no one to blame when settlement occurs. This is why our 2 Year Crack Free Guarantee is so ground breaking!

Severe cracks that start to exceed 5 - 6mm or are lipped may indicate something more structural is occuring instead of simple settlement so should be investigated by a structural engineer and small random splits or tears that tend to be only a few cm long, or cracks that occur immediately after the render application indicate an application issue rather than settlement. Whilst we wouldn't cover these types of issues under our Crack Free Guarantee we do carry out repairs under the additional low cost benefits of the guarantee as described above.

6. Will my property crack then?

Honestly, if we were betting people we'd bet that it wouldn't with more than decent odds but we wouldn't be surprised if we lost that bet!

We have been repairing cracks in render and brick building facades for over 30 years! All properties in the UK are at risk of settlement which in turn causes settlement cracking. This risk is higher in new build properties or older properties undergoing major refurbishment works that adds further weight to the fabric of the building. Renders tend to be applied to new builds or older properties as part of major refurbishment so our 2 Year Crack Free Guarantee should have you more than covered as its designed to address any settlement issues that may arise directly from the render works being done to the property.

Prime building land in the UK is at a premium so more building is occuring on more volatile clay, chalk and saturated ground. Building methods are getting better at mitigating settlement risks so the more severe issues are less but minor issues will always still occur.

7. My other suppliers say that if I use mesh and expansion beads that there's no chance my render will crack is this true?

This one always makes us smile, this is false, absolutely false! Your average builders merchant employee has never been on a building site so they tend to repeat every old wives tale they hear from the people who have. Whilst mesh massively improves the structural strength of a render system and we recommend their use without equivocation, they tend to be made from fibre glass so they do not have strength to hold a building together that wants to move apart by a couple of millimeters. Expansion beads are great for 2 purposes; they help an applicator break up a large wall thus making the application of a render system more manageable and they are for bridging over expansion gaps already present in the substrate. If there is no expansion joint already present in the substrate before the application of any render system they should be considered decoration only as they are serving no other purpose. 

8. What standard are crack repairs carried out to? 

British Standards and the National House Building Council have a slightly different take on what standard external coatings should be finished to so in order to provide you with peace of mind we guarantee to provide repairs that comply with both as an absolute minimum. Saying that, our own internal standards are even higher and most cases we aim to provide repairs that are completely unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

 9. Can't I buy something from the builders merchants and do the repairs myself?

All we would say is good luck!

These modern renders are produced using mined minerals and applied outside usually. Their colour shade can vary a lot from one job to the next purely due to different application and drying criteria on each day. If you could find a suitable of the shelf product (We aren't aware of any.) and somehow manage to action a repair of the cracks by matching the random texture it would take sheer luck to get a colour matched repair. This would also be the case with any products the manufacturers offer you, if you don't believe us ask them to confirm in writing that their products are guaranteed to be colour matched to your property for a localised repair. Why risk your expensive render system being covered in unsightly lines from a botched repair? Our technicians have vans kitted out with mobile labs and mixing equipment. They can measure pigment weights with an accuracy of a thousandth of a gram. Every house is expertly colour matched by eye and materials mixed on site, as far as we are concerned we believe this is the only way to get a great repair!

We'd also ask if you are an applicator why would you want to be servicing historic customer issues if you are busy and if you are an end user why would you want to service your issues yourself?

10. How many times will you visit to repair cracking under the 2 Year Crack Free Guarantee?

This guarantee covers you for one visit free of charge to rectify any cracking issues that may arise during the two years of cover. If cracking occurs shortly after the application of render we would advise that the cracks are carefully monitored to ensure they have stabilised before we are asked to attend for the free of charge repair visit. We do not cover the cost of providing access equipment if it is needed.