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Blog posts of '2016' 'March'

Choosing the right render.
There are many factors to take into account when selecting a render. From the type of building to weather conditions, it is important that the the correct type of render is chosen. Between aesthetics and functionality, there is a vast range of d
Are Modern Renders "Non Maintenance?".
I regularly hear people proclaim that their monocouche or through coloured scraped renders are "non maintenance," when they speak to me and they are a little flabbergasted that they are getting told that their render needs cleaning. This is a co
Next or Same Day Scrapes?.
Its that time of year when we regularly get asked "do we scrape same or next day?" In all honesty its a tough question as all render have slightly differing setting attributes. I understand the eagerness to move to same day scrapes but its not
K Rend Silicone K1 Review.
I don't normally do reviews as applicators tend to like what they like but I felt the need to write a bit about the new K Rend Silicone K1 because I rarely get such good feedback from my customers from a product as I have over the past few month