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Mendrend Render Repair Systems

Mendrend Render Repair Systems

Mendrend is our patented, non-maintenance render repair system that no other supplier of renders can offer.

With over thirty years experience in the development, manufacture and application of renders, we are aware that unforeseen circumstances or adverse conditions can sometimes mean the required quality of finish of applied render is not achieved. 


We have developed Mendrend Render Repair System to provide an easy solution to some of the more common issues that can arise during render application, such as the natural phenomenon of limebloom or localized areas of cracking.

Through-coloured renders traditionally are difficult to repair, as trying to patch small areas of damaged render can mean the newly applied patch dries a different colour, or hacking off entire elevations of applied render can cause excessive damage to the substrate.

Key Features
  • Mendrend is an aqueous dispersion of acrylic polymers, iron oxide pigments, finely graded aggregates and controlling chemicals, which eliminate colour variations through differing drying criteria

  • Mendrend eliminates the need for any hacking back, in instances where dis-colouration or cracking has occurred

  • Mendrend is fully compatible for use with the K Rend range, as well as renders produced by other manufacturers such as Parex, Weber, Marmorit and Monocouche XF

  • Mendrend is available to buy for self-application, or alternatively, we offer on-site services and training

  • Mendrend is formulated to be absorbed into cement renders to provide a non-maintenance finish

  • Mendrend retains the appearance of the existing render once applied, so only problematic areas or elevations need application

  • Mendrend has low material costs starting from £19.95 + VAT to complete minor crack repairs. Samples are provided at low cost and due to the potentially variable nature of cementitious render products we strongly recommend you test colour match for each specific job before purchasing any repair materials.

Colour Matching Service
either on-site or to provide samples if required
supplied pre-colour-matched in two parts
Mendrend application

Flexible Crack Fissure Infill

Fissure infill is manufactured in a standard range of colours pre-matched to a number of render manufacturers colour ranges and has a rheology that enables the infill of minor defects; following set it retains elasticity permitting further minor movement without loss of adhesion.

It is supplied in flexible 125cc containers, which incorporate a spout that may be adjusted to provide a differing thickness of discharge of material. Please click here for application instructions.

Mendrend application

Flexible Penetrating Acrylic

Mendrend Penetrating Acrylic is supplied pre-mixed in 3kg or 15kg drums; is roller applied, and may be used to cover areas of discolouration caused by lime bloom or site contamination. It is also used in conjunction with Mendrend fissure infill, to blend in areas of repair.
Please click here for application instructions.

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Render Repair do's and dont's


  • Always seek advice before attempting any render repairs yourself with other products as Mendrend is designed to deal with most naturally occurring defects in renders provided they are previously untouched. Trying to correct previous repairs which have employed poor methods can be extremely difficult without the need for re-rendering.

  • Always request samples of Mendrend to ascertain colour match is adequate, even if you have had the same colour previously and you were happy with it. Please click here to see why this is important.

  • When filling cracks with Mendrend always carry out a small test repair to ensure you are happy with technique and appearance. Mendrend is very easy to apply, provided correct methods are employed. If you are unsure, please contact us

  • Where possible, in the event of requiring full overcoating of problematic render with Mendrend to correct more serious issues, complete a sample panel for your client. Make sure you have read our application instructions so you are certain of best application methods.


  • Contrary to advice given elsewhere, do not be tempted to hack away or widen cracks in through-coloured renders. It is near impossible to action an invisible patch repair once render has been hacked or chipped away, especially along cracks as there is no way to mirror the drying criteria, shrinkage, and random texture of the existing render so join lines or differing texture will always be prevalent. This may be acceptable to some of the fairly loose building standards out there, but trying to explain to a customer why their house has unsightly lines in its render usually proves to be much more difficult. Mendrend will lessen texturing problems and lines caused by poorly patched render but it will not hide them completely, whereas if the render is untouched the Mendrend system can provide an invisible repair if applied correctly. Seek advice if previous repairs have already been attempted.

  • When testing materials such as Mendrend for a colour match, do not apply a big patch on the render in the line of sight as this will be difficult to hide even if a full overcoat of Mendrend is completed, due to the slight alteration of the existing texture. Only apply a thumb-sized amount somewhere out of the way and leave to dry. Seek advice if you are unsure.

  • Do not scrub problematic renders with wire brushes etc., as you may damage the texture of the finish which may always be noticeable, even after the application of Mendrend. Light pressure wash and detergent or algae cleaners are recommended and are available upon request.

  • Do not order any Mendrend if you haven't used it before without contacting us for advice. Mendrend is extremely easy to apply and there is a tendency for new users to over complicate the application process when there is no need.