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Applying K Rend – Why It Is Important To Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

The result of a well-applied render system is a fantastic looking finish, designed to give old and tired-looking exteriors a new lease of life.

However, this is only true if the chosen render system - such as K Rend - is applied correctly. Incorrect application can result in the failure of the render system, requiring it be replaced. One of the main factors of a poor quality K Rend render system is due to the applicator not having sufficient knowledge of how to apply K Rend.

Always Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

Rendering an exterior surface is a technical task but its payoffs are well worth it – a fantastic looking exterior finish with additional benefits such as weatherproofing and improving the visual appearance of a tired, old building.

People may be put off using products such as k rend insulated render systems due to the horror stories that have come about due to applications performed incorrectly either from lack of experience or failure to follow manufacturer guidelines. If applied correctly, problems like the infamous Curse of "Halo Ring" can be easily avoided.

Different Methods Yield Different Results

The application of k render systems affects their appearance, both in how it is applied and how it is scraped – just take a look at our blog post on Why You Should Always Provide a Customer Test Panel. In order to achieve the best results, it is essential that the render is applied in accordance with the official K Rend instructions.

Use an Expert for Expert Results

Our qualified technicians are experts in applying K Rend and can help rectify any mistakes or issues that occurred during a previous poor application. Contact us today for help and advice on k rend application.

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