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Why choose our 2 year crack free guarantee?

We've specialised in repairing renders for many years now from the design and development to on-site application of our specially designed patented Mendrend range of products we have been focused on customer service as a core driver of our business.

During our time as render repair specialists prior to our focus on the supplying of materials we quickly realised that there is a key grey area when its comes to render applicators and the manufacturers warranties that are provided when renders are correctly applied. This grey area is building settlement; if a building settles (The vast majority don't but any building can.) and cracks after render is applied it tends to be the applicator who is blamed when in fact its absolutely no ones fault the issue has occurred. The applicator may then call the manufacturer in to see if the issue is covered under the warranty only to be correctly told that settlement is not covered under their standard warranty terms. This would be the case for pretty much any render system sold on the market today. 

This usually results in the applicator / builder / customer going round in circles trying to solve problem and one of them ends up having to pay to correct the issue depending on who loses the argument! 

Our no quibble crack free guarantee provided when we supply render systems is designed to solve this age old problem. We have teams of technicians who operate nationwide assisting customers and resolving disputes daily. I'll be frank we don't aim to be the absolute cheapest render supplier out there, I'll leave that to the guys who cannot provide their customers with assistance or have no idea what they are selling.  We aim to provide low competitive prices whilst providing help when needed.

We invite all our applicators to offer this guarantee to their customers and maybe offer a cheaper price without this guarantee if a cheaper supplier is available and let the customer themselves decide.

We invite all our customers looking to have their own properties rendered to strongly consider our industry leading backup service for what tends to be a small addition to the price of having the works done.

Those who have ended up actually needing repairs done have found our service to be invaluable. A simple crack which normally could have been a problem to fix suddenly becomes a simple phonecall. This service is currently implemented on large housebuilder sites such as Taylor Wimpey, Arncliffe Homes and Cyden Homes with great success.

If you have any questions about how you can provide your customers with better service please contact us.  

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