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Fissures in Render and How to Fix Them

As we have written about before, large cracks in render can be an indication of a major problem in the substrate. However, smaller and much less serious fissures can also appear. These fissures tend to be a lot smaller than cracks (around 0.1-3mm in width) 

Origins of fissures in render

Like cracks, fissures can occur due to movement from the building or the substrate the render has been applied to. Whereas large cracks tend to be an indication of a more severe issue, minor fissures usually occur due to minor inconsequential movement in the substrate.

What to do if you find fissures in render

It goes without saying, but you should always seek the advice of a professional before attempting any repairs. Determining the origin of the fissure is essential to ensure that there are no recurring instances of the problem. It is also advisable to wait for a period of at least 6 months to make sure that all fissures in the render system have stabilised.

Repairing fissures in render

Our patented Mendrend Flexible Fissure repair system is specifically designed to repair fissures in render from leading manufacturers and is supplied in a range of colours intended to match render manufacturer colour ranges. We also provide a comprehensive support service for this product. 

Rendit offers expert help and advice on repairing fissures in render – contact us today to find out more


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