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Why You Should Always Provide a Customer Test Panel

One thing some applicators are better at than others is providing their customers with sample test panels of a finished render product as it can cause big problems with customers who are expecting their render to look exactly like it does in the brochure or even worse on their computer monitors!

The two render samples shown in the above picture are made from exactly the same render from the same bag. The sample on the right was simply scraped much earlier during the drying process than the render sample on the left and the difference that can make on the outcome of the final colour of all cementitious renders can be quite profound. It is for this reason we strongly recommend that you complete customer samples so you can test and verify the colour with them before ordering any materials 

It is very common for applicators to scrape renders early, therefore the colours achieved on site could possibly be much stronger than the colours of manufacturer provided samples which are made in a laboratory under ideal circumstances. It should be noted that all manufacturers of cementitious render products would deem this to be normal behaviour of the product.

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