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What is Brick Render?

Traditionally, render comes in plain colours, textured effects and pebbledash finishes. Whilst all of these provide a professional and attractive finish to an exterior of a property, the final effect might not be what was initially desired, or may even be in stark contrast to the surrounding buildings.

Brick render is an alternative solution for rendering projects that provides a brick-effect finish through a unique combination of render and application techniques. Due to the nature of brick render, a variety of mortar and brick effects and colours can be achieved to create an authentic-looking brickwork effect.

The principle and application of brick render is quite straightforward – Two different coloured coats of render are applied, wet on wet.  with the bottom coat becoming the ‘mortar’ and the top coat becoming the ‘brickwork’.

Besides being an attractive alternative to standard render, brick render has far more practical uses. Being a viable alternative on projects where traditional brick work cannot be used, local authorities in particular are fond of using brick render as it can massively transform the appearance of previously run-down estates.

Specially trained approved applicators are available for this product, depending on size of works required. Please contact us for further details.

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