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Repairing Cracks in Render

Applying render to the exterior of a building is an attractive way to improve its appearance. A number of modern renders go even further and can be used as a method of further insulating a building. However, there are several problems that can occur in both newly-applied render and render that has been on a building for years.

Where do cracks come from?

Cracks forming are one of the most common problems associated with external render applications and can form for several different reasons. Slight movement of the ground ann the foundations of a building can cause it to move. As render isn't elastic, this movement causes cracks to appear. If the render was applied in less than ideal conditions, or a previous repair was carried out inadequately then the probability of cracks appearing increases. Finally, movement may even occur in the substrate itself.

Why it's a problem

Cracks in render are unsightly, which defeats one of the main purposes. However, render with cracks in it can be even more of an issue - left untreated, cracks can develop into larger ones, providing an ingress point for moisture and dirt. Over time these will damage the render, enlarging existing cracks, causing new ones to form leading to blown or complete failure of the render system.

Solutions to the problem of cracks in render

The best solution is to seek out the advice of a professional. More importantly, do not hack away at the render without first identifying the cause of the problem. Doing so may damage the surrounding render and can make a colour-matched, invisible repair extremely difficult. Most cracks in render can be repaired using a non-maintenance crack repair system such as Mendrend.

How to repair the cracks in render

We suggest using a professional crack repair system such as Mendrend, which allows you to repair your render whilst allowing it to retain the appearance of the existing render. Mendrend comes as two components: a flexible crack fissure infill and a flexible penetrating acrylic. Detailed instructions on how to repair cracks in render can be found on our Mendrend Application Guidelines page.

If you are unsure about repairing cracks in render, contact an expert today

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