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K Rend Tools & Complementary Products

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Short Tooth Scraper.

Creates a fine textured finish.


Most commonly used to level off the render surface.


Used for smoothing off the render.

Section Serrated Edge.

Used for levelling off the render.

Ashlar Cutter.

Used for cutting joints in render.

Alkali Resistant Reinforcing Mesh.

Provides high strength, good cohesion, excellent coating and is widely used to reinforce walls, as well as provide heat insulation for exterior walls. It can also be used to reinforce cement and plastic making it an ideal construction material.

K Rend Accelerator.

K Rend Accelerator is a liquid additive used to reduce the waiting time before scraping K Rend scraped texture renders.  It accelerates the curing time of K Rend scraped texture renders meaning that the render may be scraped earlier, enabling a faster completion of the job.
K Rend Accelerator may be used in cold conditions to improve the scraping time, however all winter working precautions still apply. K Rend Accelerator has no effect on the appearance of the K Rend Scraped Texture Render if the render is scraped at the correct state of readiness or hardness.

K Rend Accelerator will be available in 20L containers.

K Rend Algae Cleaner.

Algae is a natural phenomenon that grows on all external surfaces.  Using an algaecide will help to kill the algae aiding the elimination of regrowth. Algae Clean removes algae, mildew, fungus, and lichen stains from external surfaces such as brick, concrete, paving, tiles, tarmac, painted plaster, pebble-dash and render.

No scrubbing

Once a year treatment

Results in 3 days

Does not affect grass 

Environmentally friendly

Helps prevent re-infection

Algae Clean is a water-based, anti-bacterial fungicidal wash process that requires no scrubbing. The area is covered leaving a residual ingredient that slowly weathers off over a 3 day period, leaving a clean and refreshed surface.  Algae Clean aids prevention of immediate re-infection and should be applied regularly (every 6 - 12 months).

Algae Clean will not harm surrounding grass areas. Works as an inhibitor to aid prevention of algae, moulds and fungi from re-growth.