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K Rend Brick Rend

K Rend Brick Rend

Brick render is manufactured to our own design and specification, and is useful for refurbishment projects where new brick-work cannot be used. It is applied in two different coloured coats. The top coat is then cut through to expose the mortar layer. The exposed mortar joints create a brick effect finish.

We can also provide materials which enable the easy shading of Brick Rend to enable newly refurbished buildings to blend in with their surroundings even further. There are hundreds of different colours, brick and stone designs available.

This product is particularly popular with local housing authorities, because when used in conjuction with a good external insulation system this product can make entire estates badly in need of renovation look like new, whilst meeting and exceeding property insulation regulations at the same time for a fraction of the cost of re-building!

Specially trained approved applicators are available for this product, depending on size of works required. Please contact us for further details.