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Topciment Micro Cement Systems

Microcement Topciment is a decorative coating composed of cement, water-based resins, additives and mineral pigments that can be applied on a multitude of vertical and horizontal surfaces thanks to its great adherence. This construction material stands out because it is applied directly onto existing materials: tiles, plasterboard, floor tiles, marble, terrazzo or plaster, among many others. With hardly any work and a thickness of only 3 millimetres, a rapid renovation of spaces is achieved.

Fiberglass mesh for microcement 50m2 GR58

The flexible fibreglass mesh for microcement is ideal for the reinforcement of continuous microcement surfaces and coatings because it makes the substrate more solid and allows the surface to be waterproofed. Thanks to its rustic finish, it can also be used as a finishing two-component microcement. The variety of this decorative coating offers the professional a wide range of solutions.
£69.00 excl.VAT
£82.80 inc.VAT
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Topciment Presealer 5l

Presealer is a water-based acrylic varnish formulated on the basis of acrylic copolymers in emulsion that is unalterable to humidity.
£108.80 excl.VAT
£130.56 inc.VAT
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Topciment Primacem ABS 5l

Primacem ABS is the primer indicated for microcement on absorbent surfaces.
£72.50 excl.VAT
£87.00 inc.VAT
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Topciment Primacem PLUS 5l

Primacem Plus is our primer for microcement on non-absorbent surfaces.
£75.40 excl.VAT
£90.48 inc.VAT
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