Parex Micro Gobetis 3000 20kg

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A coloured liquid for ease of application recognition. MICRO GOBETIS 3000 improves the adhesion for one coat render systems e.g. MONOREX GM & GF,BLANC DU LITOORAL or for the PAREXTHERM and PAREXDIRECT Render Systems, when applied to low porosity or high absorption substrates. Expected coverage of 40-60m2 per 20kg. Using it will minimise the risk of air pockets occurring in the application of one coat render systems.


  • Smooth, low porosity substrates such as cast concrete,concrete or engineering bricks.
  • High absorption substrates such as lightweight aircrete blockwork, common bricks and certain float smoothed, well adhered, render surfaces.


  • For low porosity substrates application. Apply in a singlecoat using a roller or brush.
  • On high absorption substrates e.g. lightweight aircrete blockwork, the application may require two coats. For two coat applications, apply a dliuted (maximum 5%with clean water) first coat of MICRO GOBETIS 3000,allow to dry then apply an undluted second coat. Test the substrate for suction i.e. using a plasterers paddlebrush, cast some water at the treated surface and if itsucks in, apply a further coat, if it sits on the surface the substrate is ready for the render application. To avoid excessive applications, it is recommended this procedure is completed after the first coat, as subsequent coats may not be required. Once suction control is satisfactory continue with the render application.

The render product or system can be applied as soon as the MICRO GOBETIS 3000 is dry, i.e. after 1 to 24hours depending on weather conditions.
Fully mix the product before use to maintain an even consistency.