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Need an Applicator?

Need an Applicator?

Rendit have a network of K Rend and Parex approved applicators covering most of the north and the Midlands who are highly skilled in the use of all of the K Rend and Parex products in our portfolio. We only recommend applicators with a proven track record in all aspects of the specialised area of external rendering, and we will not allow applicators into the field without testing their expertise extensively in-house first. We advise that you should be very wary of people willing to have a go; who have never applied these types of products before. If the finish is not right the first time it can be very expensive to correct as in some instances it can be double the initial labour and material cost of the application of the render if it has to be removed and re-done.

The application of external through-coloured render is a skill that is difficult to learn the basics, and extremely difficult to master but you can be confident that any applicators we recommend will have had many years of experience in the application of our products. You will also have the full benefit of the Rendit exclusive 2 Year Crack Free Guarantee!

We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with all areas of the works, from design to planning, to ensuring the absolute correct products are used in final application to minimise the risk of potential issues in the future to ensure your beautiful finish lasts and lasts.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Make you mention us when asking for a quote to ensure you qualify for the Rendit exclusive 2 year crack free guarantee!