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Protection & Adhesives

Blue Window Protection Film 500mm x 100m

Self adhesive window protection film.
£13.95 excl.VAT £16.74 inc.VAT
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Glass Protector 600mm x 100m Roll

Glass Protector is the ultimate self adhesive protector ideal to protect glass against the mess.
£24.95 excl.VAT £29.94 inc.VAT
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Laminated Cotton Dust Sheet

Top quality cotton twill with polythene inter-laminate, stops paints and liquids passing through.
£9.90 excl.VAT £11.88 inc.VAT
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Scotch® Masking Tape for Hard-to-Stick Surfaces 2060 48mm

Scotch® Masking Tape for Hard-to-Stick Surfaces 2060 is the professionals' choice
£6.95 excl.VAT £8.34 inc.VAT
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Tesa EasyCover Drop Sheet With Dispenser 1400mm

Easy Cover® 4368 Universal is a combination of an HDPE film and a slightly creped adhesive paper.
£8.95 excl.VAT £10.74 inc.VAT
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Tesa Orange Plastering Tape Rough Surfaces 33x50mm

tesa® 4843 is a specially formulated plasticised PVC tape with a flat backing, low unwinding force and high adhesion. Having a soft modified and thick rubber adhesive coating tesa® 4843 is suitable for most rough surfaces. The tape can withstand humidity, weak alkaline solutions, acids and many other chemicals. Once applied it can be easily removed even after 2 weeks of outdoor application without leaving any residue.
£3.95 excl.VAT £4.74 inc.VAT
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Tesa Precision Masking Tape Outdoor 50mx50mm

This tape is suited for almost all outdoor paint works.
£9.95 excl.VAT £11.94 inc.VAT
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Tesa Premium Plastering Tape Embossed 33x50mm

tesa® 4840 has especially been developed to protect precious and sensitive surfaces against dirt and damage during all kinds of painting and plastering work. It consists of a stable, ribbed film backing which is coated with an uv-resistant natural rubber based adhesive which leaves no residue. The embossed tape structure allows you to tear the tape off easily and cleanly at a perfect 90° angle. This allows the plastering tape to be used quickly and precisely - at all corners and right angles. This plastering tape comprises a sturdy film backing which is coated with a light- and aging-resistant natural rubber adhesive compound.
£4.49 excl.VAT £5.39 inc.VAT
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Multi-Use Wonder Wipes

Multi-Use Wonder Wipes have become the first choice wipe of the nations builders and tradesmen.
£4.45 excl.VAT £5.34 inc.VAT
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